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Keep Your Cookbooks Clean With a Temporary Recipe Tattoo on Your Arm

10 May

Keep Your Cookbooks Clean With a Temporary Recipe Tattoo on Your Arm

The cookbooks I’ve used in my life have endured drippings, grease splatters, and one especially harrowingly bath in a pot of tomato soup. Let’s face it, a big block of paper is an inconvenient thing to lug around the kitchen. But there’s an ingenious little idea that puts tattoos in a perfectly convenient place to consult: your arm.

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7 Simple, Cheap Photography Hacks You Should Try Out

6 May

Want to get creative with your photography but working with a limited budget? No problem: here are seven neat hacks that will help add some interest to your pictures for very little cash.

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The Powerful Flower Lobby Is Gaining Ground In the White House

3 May

The Powerful Flower Lobby Is Gaining Ground In the White House

In the hallowed halls of our nation’s capital, a shadow war that pits conventional, imported flower arrangements against a powerful cadre of American floral tycoons who just won’t take "no" for an answer is being waged.

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How to leave a comment on a specific cell in Numbers for iPhone and iPad

29 Apr

Numbers, the part of Apple’s iWork suite for iPhone and iPad that’s focused on spreadsheets, lets you do more than simply log values and run equations. Numbers lets you share and collaborate with others. But what if need to leave a comment on a Numbers cell for those you’re sharing and collaborating with? Luckily, Numbers lets you do just that!

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“Desire Lines” Are the Real Future of Urban Transit

23 Apr

"Desire Lines" Are the Real Future of Urban Transit

For many cities, the grid of the streets and transit systems were likely laid down long before the buildings grew up around them, thanks to the rigor of planners and engineers who knew best. But as cities transition in ways that challenge the century-old plan, they need new and quick ways to improvise connections between areas of growth. These are known as "desire lines."

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This Week in Time Capsules: You’re Capsuling It Wrong

19 Apr

This Week in Time Capsules: You're Capsuling It Wrong

This week in our time capsule news round-up we have the good, the bad, and the boring.

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iMore show 398 LIVE! Join us at 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9pm BST

18 Apr

The iMore show returns live today with Rene and Peter talking all the week’s news. Make sure you join us!

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